Q: Am I paying too much for a full-time CFO?

A: Most likely. Many mid-market companies overcompensate at the CFO level and undercompensate and/or under-employ bookkeepers and controllers. Our services alleviate the financial burden of employing a full-time CFO and provide a part-time solution.

Q: Should we prepare Pro Forma statements internally or should we outsource them?

A: It is always a good idea to outsource your Pro Forma projections to get a third-party, independent opinion. Our staff provides a condensed due diligence package and works with clients to prepare Pro Forma statements accurately, efficiently and professionally.

Q: Is my company large enough to perform and generate monthly close packages?

A: Even though many companies in business today have a monthly close procedure, they do not take the necessary steps to document their procedures by generating a formal monthly close package. Our staff is professionally trained and has the suitable experience to compile the comprehensive monthly reporting packages that are essential to your business.