Monthly Closes

Monthly Closes

Do you have a monthly close binder?

When we ask “Do you have a monthly close binder?” the answer should be “yes.” Most mid-size companies have a monthly close, but its components are not always consolidated and neatly organized. We specialize in efficiently prioritizing your company’s monthly closes.

How we prepare our monthly closes

Our monthly closes are simple; we start from the top of the balance sheet and work our way down (i.e. Assets: starting with cash, AR, inventory, fixed assets, and other current liabilities). Then we reconcile clients’ liabilities, which begin with their accounts payable, loans payable, accruals, and finally we reconcile their equity. We then move onto clients’ profit and loss and analyze their monthly income expenses to arrive at their net income. We wrap up our monthly close binder with a prepared cash flow statement.

Our monthly close services include:

  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Financial Statement Generation
  • General Ledger Analysis
  • Trial Balance Reconciliation
  • Proper Work Paper Documentation