Pro Forma Projections

Pro Forma Projections

Other companies’ projections

Nothing is more important to a mid-market company than its cash flow. That’s why “cash is king” is probably the most overused cliché in the business world. Accurate projections of cash flow are absolutely essential to success. Accurate projections help owners determine whether they can afford to expand, to add new customers, to hire more staff. Many companies make inaccurate projections because they fail to take into account timing differences between generating revenue and accepting payment. Inaccurate projections present a misleading picture of future business prospects. Such mistakes give business owners a false sense of confidence and can lead to difficult questions when used to seek new sources of funding.

How our pro forma projections are different

Our staff is trained to understand the specific cash-flow requirements in each of our clients’ businesses. We take the time to learn every aspect of our clients’ finances and operations, including the timing of their payables and receivables, cash retention, loan covenants and capital projects. Because our work includes reviewing all contracts and all types of accounts, you can be confident that we are preparing your projections with the utmost care.

How our experienced staff can help

Our experienced staff brings its own business success stories into work with our clients. We understand the complexity of integrating multiple account types to create an accurate Pro Forma. We also have the knowledge and resources to assess whether projections for our client companies are consistent with those of other businesses in the same industry. Our attention to detail will enhance the effectiveness of using Pro Forma statements to raise capital to grow your business.

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